The PlayStation 5 Will Launch By Mid-2018

We were used to having a game console around for quite a few years before the next generation one launched. In the past years, however, this seems to have...
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We were used to having a game console around for quite a few years before the next generation one launched. In the past years, however, this seems to have changed. The number of years that pass before the release of a new generation of gaming consoles becomes lower and lower. According to the latest predictions, the next generation PlayStation will arrive as soon as the second half of 2018. Yes, there still is one year left until then but releasing a totally new generation of gaming consoles or only an improved version of the current model is not the same. The PS 4 Slim and the PS4 Pro consoles were just released, so we didn’t expect the release of the next generation Playstation 5 as soon as next year.

The information, however, seems to be credible. It comes from analyst Damian Thong, who was quite accurate when predicting the release of the PS 4 Slim and the PS4 Pro. It would make sense for him to hit the nail on the head with this prediction also. Of course, there is a possibility that the next generation PlayStation will not be a totally new console either. Instead, Sony could only deliver a considerably upgraded version of its current console. When we say considerably, we think of changes that should be important enough so we can see the next generation PlayStation as a new and independent device from the PS4. This means a new design, considerably more power, and so on.

The truth is, it’s a little early to know for sure what Sony is preparing for us. Even though marketing is important, the company probably won’t disclose any important detail regarding the upcoming device at least until the beginning of next year. Even so, it will have almost six months to prepare a grandiose launch event for its next generation PlayStation. The upgraded PS4 models were announced only a few weeks before their official release. In case the next console will be the PlayStation 5, we can expect for it to be announced a little sooner than that. Even so, there still are a couple of months to go until we will find out more about this matter.

What do you think Sony’s next move will be? The release of the PlayStation 5 or only an upgrade to its existing model? What would you prefer? What would you like to get from a  new generation of gaming consoles? Let us know in the comment section.

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  • 1up

    The PS4 Pro is a pure upgrade, released for mainly the 4K and VR scene, other than that there are no significant differences between Sony’s two consoles. MS on the other is releasing the Scorpio out necessity, the xbox one is lagging behind not only the PS4 but the 360 also, with the announcement of the Scorpio MS announced its new generation of console, that however does not mean Sony will release a new console anytime soon, around late 2019 which will hold true to Sony’s release date window for next-gen consoles which begs the question where you get the info from that the years between console generations are getting shorter because up until the PS4, Sony has released a new console every six years.

    • Frank Beans

      Why is Scorpio next gen exactly? Games that are released will still be labelled for XBOX ONE. To me that shows it is just an upgrade.

    • Ucouldntbemorewrong

      Scorpio in not next gen either it’s just an iteration, only Nintendo can make that claim about the Switch being a new gen…sorta.

      • 1up

        Actually Icouldntbemoreright but lets say that by some chance I am wrong, then the Xbox owners looking to buy the Scorpio should be very very worried because if you really think about it, the elephant in the room is the Xbox one because there simply is no way that the Scorpio, if its the “Beast” MS claims it to be, can be utilised to its full capacity if it has to carry the Xbox one.

        • Docmortem

          Sure it can … it might be able to bring actual 4k (or close) … thus the games only have to scale well in terms of pixels. Still its only a little step. The hardware is just slowly conquering real 4k on PC as it is really demanding. It will take 2 years till the price for 4k + better enhanced graphics drops enough to allow a new console generation that is economically reasonable.

        • Ucouldntbemorewrong

          “with the announcement of the Scorpio MS announced its new generation of console” WRONG! upgrade just like Pro.

      • Joseph D DeMatteis

        The switch is past gen. Inferior hardware, zero original games, and nothing coming until holiday 2017. Oh and let’s not get into online services.

  • Bilal Prince-Ali

    this is such a stupid article… the PS5 will be released like 2019/2020.. if you dont knoe anything about games the industry then stop talking about games.

  • Demetre M

    Keep telling yourself it will lmfao there will be no PS5 till 2021 or 2020 , the funny thing is that you fools as that stupid and desperate for there to be one

    What happen to it’s just about the games damn frauds and hypocrites it was you Sony fanboys are ..enjoy your underpowered console called Not even Pro lmfao it’ all over for you fools

  • DigitalDaniel

    I doubt we’ll see the true successor to PS4 in 2018, but I could be wrong. But 2020 – 2021? No chance in hell. Console life cycle is not like it used to be anymore. We will most definitely see “PS5” before 2020.

    I haven’t bothered with PS4 Pro yet, still on PS4 as I don’t game on 4k tv/monitor yet. But I’ll take that leap with Scorpio. Then I’m also ready for whenever “PS5” arrives. And I think that will happen holidays 2019. Just an educated guess