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Online Gaming in our lives
03 Dec 2016

How online gaming brings people together

Online gaming is one of the fastest growing trends in today’s generation. Many people have very different opinions and views about the effect that online gaming has on the users who take part in it. Some associate online gaming with addiction and in some cases violence, whereas others see online

world of tanks blitz now on steam
09 Nov 2016

World of Tanks Blitz conquers the Steam mainland

Today, November 9th, World of Tanks Blitz is launching on the Steam platform. In a few hours, players on mobile platforms can battle with the PC crowd. That’s right,  you can now play this game on any system you have standing near you,  be it iOS, Android, MacOS or Windows. Users can now

buy somewhere debut at pax
08 Nov 2016

Buy Somewhere is almost ready to take over your life

PAX Australia was the home of an interesting debut. Buy Somewhere, a new location-based mobile game, was showcased along with a live action trailer presentation. The gameplay looks like a mix between Monopoly and (of course) Pokémon GO. If you’re tired of collecting little monsters, then you might want to

Adrian Salinas 0
16 Sep 2016

When Classic and Modern Video Games Look to Gambling to Improve their Gameplay.

From those heady days of Nintendo’s classic Super Mario Brother 3 through to the newest, most advanced video games, game manufacturers have for years turned to a surprising source to make their games play just that little bit better: the casino. You would perhaps be excused for thinking that, unlike

Top 10 Aliens Found in No Man's Sky
26 Aug 2016

Top 10 Good Bad and Ugly Aliens Found in No Man’s Sky

Procedural generation is an amazing thing. Give the computer a set of rules for assembling certain parts and there you go. You now have a universe in days when the man hours to create each of those trillions of planets in No Man’s Sky would take millions of years. But,

24 Aug 2016

Tech Trends that Will Revolutionize the Gaming World

The first people to use a computer would definitely never have thought how far things will go in a relatively short period of time. Nowadays, computers in a form or another are all around us. We use them for school, work, and even entertaining. In some cases, especially for entertaining.

09 Jul 2016

Will the Nintendo NX support the Wii U Gamepad?

Yesterday’s findings that Nintendo has filed yet another patent that may or may not pertain to the prospects of what the Nintendo NX is has brought attention to something I’ve been thinking about for a few months regarding Nintendo’s new home console system releasing next March. That question is will the Nintendo NX have

Everything You Need To Know About Pepsiman
09 Jul 2016

Everything You Need to Know About Pepsiman

Social media exploded this evening with adoration for a new hero. Well, actually, an old hero. A hero from 1990s, specifically. No, I’m not talking about Crash Bandicoot. I’m talking about the one and only Pepsiman. If you’re not familiar with the name, don’t worry. Before tonight, most people weren’t.